Home Studio Productions


Home Studio Productions (HSP)


HSP, est. 2015, is an independent record label founded by Manus Bell, Christian Haastrup, Philip Jørsboe, and Morten Østerkjerhuus. 

Our vision is to turn the tables around, ensuring that the artists benefit to a higher degree than the label. We believe that the principles of peace, unity and love stand together as the foundation of Hip Hop.


Home Studio Productions has affiliations with Rapolitics, Bandit Entertainment, and Revolution Records, Livsbanen and Struglaz



Rappers // Manus Bell, Buzzer, HejMahn, Tjuel (Fars Rum)

Producers // Yuwanit, DJ Canarge, MANUS BELL, Tjuel

Instrumentalists // Stefan Iwan (Trumpet), Simon Mortensen (Saxophone)